Welcome to Hainong website.

 Hainong was established in 1999, Hainong has over 20 years experience in the international trading with Australia, Canada, China, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, U.S.A, Vietnam and so forth.

We are focused on global trading business in the following fields.

 - import business
   : importing various kinds of agricultural products through global sources including grain, bean, pea, fresh and frozen vegetables, fruit and foodstuffs.

 - export business
   : exporting Korean food stuffs like snack, tea, alcohol, marinade, beverage, noodle, etc as well as agricultural products.

 - government tender business
   : tendering for government adjustment project of demand and supply for agricultural products like azuki bean, green mung bean, buckwheat, yellow soybean, soybean for sprouting.

 - investigation and consulting business
   : researching on crop situation and consulting clients who want to enter into overseas market or to source overseas products.

We sincerely appreciate your kind attention.